Why a roadmap?


Any goal worth pursuing needs a plan of action. And for a state as large as Arizona, the goal is a big one—to improve our quality of life and protect our natural resources. This is the purpose of our Statewide Sustainability Roadmap. It sets a way forward to achieve the future we want today.



About the Statewide Sustainability Roadmap

three focus areas

Arizona Forward, with the help of a broad set of stakeholders, leads the development of the Statewide Sustainability Roadmap, articulating the collective Long-Term Sustainability Outcomes for the state, a set of goals aligned under three main areas of focus: environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Arizona Forward currently has 12 goal areas that are “in progress” and being reviewed by a group of stakeholders.  Each of the goals are at various stages of development:

Stage 1: As initially proposed by the roadmap Subcommittee

Stage 2: As reviewed by a small group of stakeholders and subject matter experts

Stage 3: As reviewed by a broad set of stakeholders and government entities statewide

Stage 4: As adopted by the Arizona Forward Board of Directors once stakeholder engagement is complete



Defining goals through an ecosystem-services approach that recognizes the wide range of benefits natural systems provide, such as food, water and natural regulating processes that impact our climate and natural environment.

• Waste as a Resource
• Protect and Restore Water and Waterways
• Clean Air
• Healthy Forests
• Climate Action
• Heat Mitigation
• Clean and Affordable Energy
• Healthy Habitat and Wildlife
• Land Use Open Space and Agriculture


Defining goals that address equitable access to community assets, such as public schools, public transit and healthful food--enabling all residents to lead lives of dignity

• Quality Education
• Good Health
• Preservation of Cultural Heritage
• Civil and Human Rights
• Social Equity and Environmental Justice
• Responsible Urbanization and Housing
• Food Systems and Hunger
• Reducing Poverty


Defining goals that promote the equitable access to quality jobs and opportunities, while supporting existing businesses and promoting new business development

• Smart Transportation
• Workforce Readiness
• Business Retention and Expansion
• Quality Jobs
• Sustainable Tourism
• Technology Innovation
• Investment in Sustainable Infrastructure

Arizona Forward’s Role

Help us shape Arizona’s future

For more than 50 years, Arizona Forward has helped unite industry, government, community leaders, scientists and subject matter experts to identify goals and metrics that serve as the strategic objectives to accomplish the remarkable: Securing Arizona’s long-term environmental, social and economic success.


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“Now is the time to rely on strong partnerships to consider how a united and meaningful statewide sustainability approach can be employed to place Arizona among the best states to live, work and play.” — Lori Singleton, CEO, Arizona Forward