Why Mobility?

Traveling freely, safely, affordably and easily is what makes Arizona a great place to live. But as we continue to grow, we put our state’s quality of life and air at risk. Since that is an outcome we cannot afford, we look to innovation as our solution—to alternative modes of transportation, the widespread adoption of zero-/low-emission vehicles and policy changes that protect air quality, improve public health and expand economic opportunities for Arizona.

Public Transit

Public Transit

Greater accessibility through bus and light rail systems

Rideshare Options

Rideshare Options

Vanpools and carpools made possible with an extensive HOV network

Active Transportation

Active Transportation

Human-powered transport, including walking, biking and micro-mobility

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Statewide adoption of electric vehicles for personal, business and municipal use

Achieving mobility solutions

for better transportation and cleaner air

Transportation is now America’s number one source of carbon pollution, with greenhouse gas emissions from cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, trains and other vehicles surpassing every other source. This is particularly true for Arizona as it continues to grow and prosper, resulting in more cars on the road and pollutants in the air.

We are at the early stage of our state’s mobility transformation. Some solutions are in progress, while others are being planned. Since adoption relies on a shift in behavior, we need to build consensus with metro and rural areas and provide community outreach to educate the public about the benefits of current and future alternative mobility solutions.

Public Transit Solutions Underway

championed by Arizona Forward

City of Phoenix Bus Rapid Transit (BRT )

In development

Similar to light rail and faster than regular bus service, BRT is a clean mobility option that will improve transit speed

City of Phoenix Complete Streets

Policy adopted

Requires Phoenix streets to be planned, designed, operated and maintained to allow transportation access for users of all ages and abilities

Phoenix METRO Light Rail

Opened 2008; Expansion planned

Reduces congestion and pollution by providing an alternative mobility option to a wide array of commuters

Tucson Streetcar

Completed 2014

Electric rail system and ADA-compliant streetcars stop at 23 points in downtown Tucson—moving about 950,000 people per year



Arizona’s mobility transformation, still in the early adoption stage, faces many challenges:

  • Lack of charging station networks for electric vehicles
  • Lack of public awareness about the benefits of using alternative mobility options
  • Low priority social equity measures in transportation planning
  • Rural community buy-in on future solutions
  • Lack of funding for cities and towns to implement cleaner options
  • Limited funding for light rail extensions due to budget and tax revenue constraints
  • Lack of policies to accelerate alternative mobility options


Achieving better transportation systems and cleaner air requires education, technology advancements and transportation policies and planning changes.

It all depends on a concerted effort to work toward the greater good through solutions and their widespread adoption.

Future Solutions



Electric transportation

This viable solution is estimated to provide significant benefits to the environment and the economy: by 2050, projections show EVs will annually reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 2,900 tons, CO2 emissions by 26 million tons, resulting in $220 million in compliance costs and $1.3 billion in avoided damages

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)

Statewide information townhalls in 2018/2019 helped prepare for future planning 

It is expected that widespread adoption will occur over the next several decades—with electric AVs operating as ride-share options, resulting in fewer vehicles on the road and freeing up land-use needs for parking lots and structures

Arizona Forward’s Role

Leveraging Mobility & Clean Air Solutions

Our current efforts include exploring ways to expand electric vehicle adoption in Arizona and encouraging the widespread adoption of electric vehicle use at the business level. We believe that the action we take today will secure success in the future—just like our past efforts.

Our Actions currently underway in the following sectors:

  • Arizona Business: Encouraging workplace charging, charging for customers and transitioning fleets to electric; support employee-based incentive programs such as free charging at work
  • City & Rural: Supporting communities as they plan a long-term strategy for expanding into new transportation modes and use their governance to transition to electric fleets
  • Legislative: Advocating for policies to be put into law to enable greater adoption of mobility options, infrastructure and transportation electrification across Arizona
  • Transit Agency: Supporting opportunities to electrify public vehicle fleets and buses
  • Utility: Building consensus with utilities to implement managed charging programs to take advantage of extra electrical load and stored energy in electric vehicle batteries
  • Public Sector: Helping school districts transition to electric school buses


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