Why Climate Action?

We must take efforts to address the increasingly harmful climate impacts and shape Arizona’s long-term future. Too much is at risk, with heat-related deaths on the rise, wildfires that threaten our forests and communities, poor air quality that creates unhealthy conditions and so much more. This is why we focus on bringing local businesses and municipalities together to work toward actionable solutions–because inaction is not an option.



Reduced Water Supplies

Reduced Water Supplies

Strain our water systems and economy

Excessive Heat

Excessive Heat

Rising temperatures threaten lives, harm our agricultural sector and risk military readiness



Reduced precipitation and reduced snowpack threaten our water supply



Dry underbrush and lightning storms ravage forests, our communities and threaten our tourism economy

Climate Action for a Resilient Future


Arizona Forward supports the scientific consensus that climate change poses a real threat to our way of life, especially to the one we share here in Arizona. Yet, even despite the challenges and risks, there are opportunities to solve harmful climate impacts. We advance solutions that are put into action through partnerships, collaboration, leadership, innovation, new technologies and business strategies.


The Challenges


  • Average night-time temperatures have risen by an average of 9 degrees because of urban heat islands for our cities
  • July 2020 was the hottest month ever recorded for Phoenix
  • Heat-related deaths in the state continue to increase by more than 200 each year
  • Temperatures have risen by almost 2oF in the past several decades, more rapidly than any other state in the lower 48 states
  • Bleak forecast–higher temperatures and drought are likely to increase the severity and frequency of wildfires, which harm property, livelihoods and human health
  • Long-term increases in temperature reduce precipitation and reduce the snowpack on our watersheds, which means reductions in the amount of water stored for use in the spring and summer months
  • Weaker national security–Arizona’s military readiness and training is at risk a military response to climate events taps their resources

Our Opportunity


Today, corporations and municipalities are playing an active role in climate issues by establishing aggressive goals to reduce their emissions and carbon footprints. They are also placing sustainability at the center of their investment and branding approaches. In short, businesses are aligning their goals to climate action, not just for their shareholders, but for all people who are impacted by the environment and just as businesses are changing, so too are consumers who are basing their buying decisions on a brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Now that the climate is top of mind for everyone, the solutions we act on today will help improve our climate for tomorrow.

  • Adopt climate action plans that measure and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and related climatic impacts
  • Develop climate resilience strategies to anticipate, prepare for and respond to hazardous events and mitigate climate risks
  • Execute strategies and solutions at the local and state levels by collaborating with other businesses, municipalities and government agencies
  • Advocate for federal and state legislation that will bake sustainability into the fabric of our society and systems

What Arizonans Think

Statewide Survey

In summer 2020, Arizona Forward partnered with WestGroup Research to conduct a representative and statistically valid survey of Arizona residents. The purpose of the survey was to measure thoughts and perceptions of climate change in Arizona.

82% of Arizonans are concerned about climate change.

Two-thirds of Arizonans are willing to take climate action for our state.


Arizona Forward's Role


A brighter future is in reach. We know how to take action while growing the economy and creating a world–and state–where people and nature prosper.

We accomplish this through action:

  • Convening critical dialogue among business, government, municipalities and nonprofits to pinpoint the opportunities that will make the biggest impact
  • Engaging with members of Congress to keep climate action top of mind through roundtables with Arizona Forward members
  • Building strong partnerships to consider how a united and meaningful statewide sustainability approach can be implemented
  • Developing a Statewide Sustainability Roadmap that outlines collective long-term sustainability outcomes for our state, one of which protects the natural resources that we depend on

Take Action With Us