A sustainable future

needs sustainable leadership

Sustainability transformation needs leadership. Otherwise, the progress we create loses momentum when the torch isn’t passed on. This is why we designed a program to nurture today’s forward thinkers so that they become tomorrow’s sustainability leaders.



This educational program focuses on transformative change as core concepts and real-world practice.

Given the complex nature of sustainability challenges and solutions, the program explores diverse pathways and perspectives in achieving sustainability.

Each class features content, presentations and interactive dialogue with experts at the top of their respective fields.



  • Understanding Sustainability – history, concepts, and trends
  • Climate Action – urban/extreme heat, drought and air quality
  • Renewable & Non-Renewable Energy – clean energy transition
  • Water Resources – securing water for economy, society and environment
  • Materials Flows & Lifecycles – zero waste; circular economy
  • Clean Transportation – promise of smart transportation, autonomous and connected vehicles
  • Resilient, Healthy Communities – ensuring human and environmental well-being
Nominate a Future Leader

Nominate a Future Leader

Help cultivate the next generation of sustainability leadership. If you know a colleague with leadership potential in their early- to mid-career, consider nominating them as a candidate for the next class of future leaders.

Interested in Being Nominated?

Interested in Being Nominated?

Are you committed to Arizona’s sustainability? Interested in becoming an influencer on critical issues? Motivated to take on new challenges? Become a sustainability leader to help our great state achieve a healthy environment and thriving economy.

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