Invest in Arizona's Future



Please consider a donation to Arizona Forward’s Annual Giving Program or Fund For a Sustainable Future. Your contribution can make a difference to Arizona’s economic vitality and quality of life in areas that are vital to the state. Big or small, your gift matters.




Every year, Arizona Forward must raise sufficient resources to present a sustainability agenda statewide, offer the highest quality environmental events, and provide abundant engagement opportunities to members. Although membership dues are the largest source of operating revenue, these dues cover only a portion of actual expenses.

Annual gifts provide critically needed support to help bridge the gap. Unrestricted contributions through the Annual Giving Program are readily available resources, allowing you to make an immediate impact on programming.



In honor of Arizona Forward’s 40th anniversary in 2009, (then Valley Forward) established the Fund for a Sustainable Future endowment. Gifts to this Fund work to build a permanent capital reserve, creating a financial bedrock for the organization, ensuring success for generations to come.

Held at the Arizona Community Foundation, your gift to the Fund for a Sustainable Future endowment becomes part of the Fund’s permanent principal, where it is invested and held in perpetuity. Over time, interest earned by the Fund will be directed to Arizona Forward’s operating budget, enabling diverse resources and thereby strengthening the financial vitality of the non-profit.


Arizona Forward is a 501(c)(3) Corporation.
All contributions are tax deductible.