We Are All Stakeholders in Arizona's Future

Join us on May 20, 2021

We invite you to join us to support a vital initiative to create a stronger future for Arizona – Climate Action: Thrive in 2035.

Arizona Forward will host a virtual statewide summit with sessions that address important topics tailored to Arizona-specific climate change risks such as extreme heat, drought, forest health, declining air quality and impacts to human health. The business forum will assess the status of Arizona today and identify those strategies and actions that will be required to ensure that Arizona thrives in 2035.

Now is the time to take climate action. Arizona is positioned to proactively address climate change risks. We all must play a role: large and small business, municipalities, state government, nonprofits, educational institutions, policy makers and others. The next generation is relying on us to ensure that Arizona’s future in bright.




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What Happens At The Summit?


People are one of Arizona’s most vital resources. It’s where we get our ideas, knowledge and understanding of the critical issues facing our state. By championing these voices, we help form our future and lead efforts to ensure Arizona’s sustainability transformation. The Statewide Sustainability Summit is a signature event held each year, where Arizona Forward brings a diverse group of stakeholders together to collaborate, share ideas and create action steps for critical priority issues for the state.

Interactive breakout sessions create opportunities for members to share ideas and recommend solutions. Thought leaders and subject matter experts provide their perspectives that launch discussions and help forge solutions for the future.  Each year, the outcomes of the summit guide Arizona Forward’s prioritization of the work we do, as we focus on the most pressing sustainability issues for our state.

Mobilizing Change

Topics From Past Summits


Reshaping the Rio Reimagined Project; How Urban Waterways Create Healthy Communities; River Restoration and Urban Ecology


Statewide Sustainability Roadmap; Smart Transportation; Water; Forest Health; Climate Resilience in Cities


Climate Action for Arizona; Bending the Curve on Climate Change: What Businesses Can Do Today; Confronting Arizona’s Water Challenges

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