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Collaboration builds trust

We can only move at the speed of trust.

Arizona Forward’s annual Sustainability Summit – Climate Action: Thrive in 2035 was a virtual program this year with over 400 attendees participating. True to Arizona Forward’s mission of bringing diverse groups together to find common causes and create collective change, this year’s summit truly embodied and emphasized the need for coordination, partnership, and collaboration as a requisite to Climate Action and Thriving in 2035.

As Dr. Katherine Wilkinson, one of the opening session keynote speakers quoted from her book All we can Save, “it takes truth, courage and solutions for this climate crisis”. Dr. Michael Mann, a renowned climate scientist, emphasizes that there is still time to limit warming and prevent the worst impacts if we act decisively. And, that the forces of action have now aligned, and now is our time. And Senator Mark Kelly wrapped up the morning by highlighting the state’s past and present ability to develop climate solutions, while also commending Arizona Forward for leading these critical discussions for the future.

Over the course of an action-packed morning with engaging panels and breakout sessions, we heard about key initiatives already in play in other cities across the globe, we heard about positive actions and initiatives underway related to resiliency and urban planning, agriculture and the energy sectors. During the morning, we heard over and over the resounding need for collaboration among entities. Collaboration makes us stronger and better. Collaboration builds trust. Collaboration across sectors is crucial in the fight against climate change. And, working together is no longer optional – it is imperative.

Arizona Forward invites you to collaborate – get involved, join a committee, add your voice and connect with other members — there are so many ways to be part of Arizona’s climate action transformation. 





Hear from Tanya Trujillo, US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary

Hear from Sen. Mark Kelly, US Senator 

Taking Action

Breakout Sessions - What we Heard

Cleaner Air, Cleaner Energy, A Cleaner Tomorrow

Cleaner Air, Cleaner Energy, A Cleaner Tomorrow

We heard from experts who shared their vision and detail opportunities for Arizona to ensure that Arizona has cleaner air, cleaner energy and a cleaner tomorrow. Learn more...

Building A More Resilient Future

Building A More Resilient Future

We heard from experts who highlighted ways to build community resilience, self-reliance and bolster sustainability. Learn more...

New Ways To Grow: Agriculture & Food

New Ways To Grow: Agriculture & Food

We heard from experts on how agriculture can be a part of the solution to mitigate climate change while ensuring agricultural resiliency and continued growth in the industry. Learn more...


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Making A Difference for Arizona

What Happens At The Summit?


People are one of Arizona’s most vital resources. It’s where we get our ideas, knowledge and understanding of the critical issues facing our state. By championing these voices, we help form our future and lead efforts to ensure Arizona’s sustainability transformation. The Statewide Sustainability Summit is a signature event held each year, where Arizona Forward brings a diverse group of stakeholders together to collaborate, share ideas and create action steps for critical priority issues for the state.

Interactive breakout sessions create opportunities for members to share ideas and recommend solutions. Thought leaders and subject matter experts provide their perspectives that launch discussions and help forge solutions for the future.  Each year, the outcomes of the summit guide Arizona Forward’s prioritization of the work we do, as we focus on the most pressing sustainability issues for our state.

Mobilizing Change

Topics From Past Summits


Reshaping the Rio Reimagined Project; How Urban Waterways Create Healthy Communities; River Restoration and Urban Ecology


Statewide Sustainability Roadmap; Smart Transportation; Water; Forest Health; Climate Resilience in Cities


Climate Action for Arizona; Bending the Curve on Climate Change: What Businesses Can Do Today; Confronting Arizona’s Water Challenges

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