A Year in Review



Growing Sustainable Leaders for the Future

The Emerging Sustainability Leaders Class commenced in the Fall of 2020. This talented, diverse group of 18 outstanding individuals from a variety of business sectors is learning to apply new skills to advance sustainability in their organizations and the community. This year is the third year of the class since launching in 2017 and continues to grow in richness and in participants each year. Thank you to APS for serving as the program sponsor of this important initiative.

Learn more about the Emerging Sustainability Leaders program here.


Advancing Climate Action Solutions Today

Arizona Forward completed a series of six webinars between May 2020 and September 2020, that addressed key climate change and sustainability issues impacting the state of Arizona. National and local experts shared their perspectives and provided actionable information on climate action in an era of COVID-19, economic turmoil and social injustice.

For more information and to view past webinars, visit here.









Engaging Members of Congress and Arizona Climate Mayors

Arizona Forward led a series of discussions on climate action and the development of a statewide sustainability roadmap.  The discussions enabled direct and candid dialogue on federal and state issues,  enhanced relationships with members of Congress and positioned opportunities for continuous dialogue on climate and sustainability issues for Arizona. The discussions held included the following:

  • Representative Thomas O’Halleran, 1st Congressional District of Arizona
  • Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Senior Senator, Arizona; Mayor Kate Gallego, City of Phoenix; Mayor Regina Romero, City of Tucson; Mayor Corey Woods, City of Tempe
  • Emily Cummins, Policy Advisor, Office of Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, 2nd Congressional District of Arizona
  • Representative Greg Stanton, 9th Congressional District of Arizona




Learning About Arizona Residents’ Perceptions on Climate Change 

Arizona Forward conducted a survey of 400 residents in the state. The purpose of the survey was to measure thoughts and perceptions of climate change in Arizona.

The objective of the survey is to help Arizona Forward members lead the way in developing sustainability priorities and climate action solutions that encompass shared goals for businesses, municipalities, non-profit organizations, counties, and government agencies.

Learn more about Arizona Forward’s priority of Climate Action here.

View or download the one page factsheet here.

View the complete survey results here.

Assessing What Autonomous Vehicles Mean For Arizona 

After a series of townhalls throughout the state, Arizona Forward release a white paper “Autonomous and Connected Transportation: What We Heard from Arizona Communities”.

It is clear that autonomous vehicles can help to reduce carbon, lessen the impact of climate change, improve air quality, manage land use, maintain efficient use of the state’s existing transportation infrastructure and help secure the state’s economic future – especially as Arizona continues to grow at a rapid pace. The townhalls helped educate city planners, emergency agencies, transportation professionals, about the technology and its future for the state. Townhall attendees discussed safety, funding, legal concerns, cybersecurity and infrastructure planning for their communities.

Read the full white paper here.


Collaborating with Partners

Arizona Thrives – Recognizing that joining together we can make even bigger strides in bettering Arizona, Arizona Forward signed on to the Arizona Thrives Alliance to advance clean air and clean energy goals for Arizona.

Rio Reimagined – The Rio Rubbish Race in partnership with the River Network and the Ball Corporation engaged the community in a one-week effort to collect 5,000 pieces of litter and recyclables.

Environmental Defense Fund – Thanks to our partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund, we were able to advocate for critical clean energy and climate action policy at the federal level and educate and engage our members in these important issues for Arizona.



Launching AZF Website, New Logo, New Look! 

Our 50th Anniversary logo, created to celebrate this milestone and our heritage, was meant to exist for the two year time frame around our anniversary, but this year, Arizona Forward needed to update our look to achieve a more contemporary visual depiction of our story – connecting to our roots but in a contemporary way.

After hours and hours of work in focus groups with members, collaboration with designers and brand experts, and in conversations with the Board of Directors, a new logo was created. The logo and brand icon, a cactus within the state of Arizona, its arms embracing and uniting all areas of the state. It stands tall and proud, has stature and authority, and holds a grandfatherly type of wisdom. As just as Arizona Forward has been over the past 50 years, it has been adaptive to environments, and provides a safe space and nourishment for others.