Our sustainability depends on you

future leaders

The class of 2020-2021 has been selected. Applications for 2021-2022 open in summer of 2021.

Are you interested in the critical issues that impact Arizona’s sustainability? Do you want to help lead change? Want to broaden your understanding of sustainable practices?       

We invite you to learn more about our program designed to inspire, educate, and mentor up-and-coming sustainability leaders in Arizona.   


  • Early to mid-career professionals who are identified for their leadership potential
  • Exhibit leadership potential:
    • Show commitment to sustainability
    • Capacity to integrate sustainability into their organization
    • Interest in being a long-term influencer in Arizona’s sustainability initiatives
    • Motivated to take on a new challenge
  • Diversity is key: The selection process factors in a balance of cohorts from government, nonprofit and business organizations


• When: Meets once a month on a Friday from October through May

• Applications are accepted during the late summer months with selected candidates announced in September

• Nominees are submitted by established leader in the community or by executives within the candidate’s organization

Emerging Leaders - Alumni

Leading the Way


“I’ll look back at the Emerging Sustainability Leaders as a pivotal time in my career, where I formally started a new chapter, focusing my energy on sustainability. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity, and know that this is just the beginning of my involvement with AZ Forward.”

“This group has been absolutely fantastic! I am so excited to be a part of this group and feel like all of the information I have been learning is new to me – which is great. What has been really interesting is reflecting and taking this information back to the office and sector in which I work to share with our profession – ultimately this has been yielding amazing response and really helping to shape not just myself, but many. Looking forward to the rest of the sessions within this group and remaining a close part of Arizona Forward.”