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Valley Metro's Business Services team provides free support to help employers develop commuting solutions for employees. Our goal is to reduce traffic congestion and to improve air quality. We have one-day workshops, transportation coordinator associations and webinars to teach local organizations how to successfully choose an alternative to commuting alone. As a community, we must all make an effort to improve the air quality and reduce congestion, and the path to cleaner air begins with each one of us. Valley Metro is committed to helping employers find and use alternative mode solutions. 


Contact Information

Dawn M. Coomer
Valley Metro RPTA 
101 North First Avenue, Suite 1100
Phoenix, AZ 85003  

Phone: (602) 262-7433
Fax: (602) 523-6095

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Valley Metro's Transit EducationVALLEY METRO'S TRANSIT EDUCATIONValley Metro's Transit Education programs include presentations and other activities that are tailored to each age group. They may include a PowerPoint presentation, interactive discussion, a video/dvd, or whatever may be appropriate for the group. Presentations cover:

  Benefits of public transit-improved air quality, less congestion, etc.

  Riding bus and light rail safely, planning, pedestrian safety, bike safety, personal safety and more

  Elementary grades are eligible for a free Group Field Trip pass with 2 weeks' notice

  Educational materialsDolores Nolan
Valley Metro
101 North 1st Avenue, Suite 1300
Phoenix, AZ 85003 (623) www.valleymetro.org


  • Curriculum
  • Speakers
  • Informational Material

Arizona Forward's programs facilitate education and outreach on sustainability issues and feature enlightening keynote speakers and technical experts.

Arizona Forward

3800 North Central Avenue

Suite 1030

Phoenix, AZ  85012


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