Cleaner Air, Cleaner Energy, A Cleaner Tomorrow

Arizona has made great strides to ensure a cleaner future for our state. Our focus on transitioning to carbon free energy, encouraging electrification, fostering electric vehicle adoption and improving air quality are to be commended. Additionally, our business-friendly environment, plentiful job opportunities and affordable cost of living make Arizona one of the fastest- growing states in the U.S. But as we continue to grow, we must look to innovative, alternative and bold solutions. Our health, our economy and our future depend on it. We heard from experts who will share their vision and detail opportunities for Arizona to ensure that our state thrives.

Actions / What we heard: 

  • Adopting statewide energy rules will ensure that Arizona maintains our clean energy progress.

  • As Arizona continues to rank in the top ten states for ozone and particulate pollution, the road to clean air requires investment in cleaner cars and trucks and the infrastructure to support these cleaner technologies. Not only does cleaner air result in emission reduction, it also represents $1.5B in health care savings.

  • Solutions that revolve around technology, often may not consider the needs of all socio economic constituents. Delivering solutions that meet the needs of the masses in terms of clean energy and energy efficiency is key to climate action for the future.


Jon Ford

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Vitalyst Health Foundation
Arizona Forward Board Chair

As Director of Strategic Initiatives, Jon Ford leverages three decades of for-profit and non-profit experience to develop an expanded, innovation-centered network of stakeholders focused on all aspects of health and well-being. Key to his work is development of the Live Well Arizona movement and the Elements of a Healthy Community framework.


Patrick Graham

Interim Director, Arizona Thrives Alliance
The Nature Conservancy in Arizona

Patrick Graham currently serves as Interim Director of Arizona Thrives, a statewide Alliance to accelerate the transition to clean energy. Pat served as state director of The Nature Conservancy in Arizona for nearly 20 years during which time they launched the Future Forest program to modernize forest restoration; the Salt and Verde Alliance to securing future water supplies and river flows; the Healthy Cities program; the six state

Anne Dougherty

Founder & Co-Owner

Anne Dougherty is Founder and Co-owner of ILLUME Advising, LLC. ILLUME is a research consultancy serving the energy industry with the goal of ensuring and equitable and just clean energy transition. Anne founded ILLUME with business partner Sara Conzemius in 2013 drawing on her expertise in the human dimensions of energy demand and management.

JoAnna Strother

Senior Director, Advocacy
American Lung Association

As the Senior Director of Advocacy, JoAnna Strother provides leadership and strategic direction for the American Lung Association’s Western Division, overseeing seven states for their public policy priorities. JoAnna works on a broad range of issues at the federal, state, and local levels.


Amanda Ormond

Western Grid Group

Amanda Ormond has worked in energy and public policy for 30 years in Arizona and the west. On behalf of clients she supports clean energy policy adoption, development of regional energy markets and energy innovation to achieve a carbon-free electric system. She previously served as Director of the Arizona Energy Office, developing state policy promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy and alternative fueled vehicles.


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