Recognition of Statewide Contributions


The Arizona Forward Environmental Excellence Awards, presented by SRP, is Arizona’s most prominent environmental awards program, recognizing exemplary projects throughout the state. Initiated in 1980, the awards program is a benchmark for economic and environmental accomplishment. Award-winning projects are among the most distinguished and impactful achievements in Arizona.

All projects are reviewed based on environmental and sustainability impact to communities, cities, regions, or the entire state. A panel of judges comprising prominent leaders and experts in the community will convene to select projects to receive the coveted Crescordia Award and Award of Distinction.

Submission Details


Before you begin your online submission, please ensure that you have the following required items:

  • Completed online project entry form
  • Executive Summary (Approx. 250 words)
  • Narrative Description (Approx. 1000 words)
  • 12 high-resolution Photos (12 photos are required)
  • Slide Deck (Presentation – 8 slides) OR 3 minute video (video submitted via
  • Submit payment for entry fee (see button below)

Executive Summary

The executive summary provides an overview of your project. Please include the following:

  • Definition of the project and its purpose
  • Impact to the community or the environment
  • Metrics (if applicable)
  • Four project highlights

Narrative Description

The narrative description is a more in-depth version of your executive summary. Please provide a detailed description of your project that includes the following:

  • The purpose of the project
  • The strategy involved in the planning and development process
  • Why your project is innovative or unique
  • Qualify the impact to the state, community or the environment
  • Quantify the impact to the state, community or the environment

Slide Deck or Video

You may choose to submit either a slide deck presentation (8 slides) OR video (approx. 3 min). This will be an important part of the judging process. The selection criteria listed for each award should be used as the guide. Descriptions of the visual content should be based on the selection criteria listed under each award category (see award category information below).

Entry Fee

A project entry fee of $175 is required for each project submitted to be considered for the award. The fee may be paid via credit card or check. If you need an invoice, please email, Jennifer O’Connell at


All entries and fee payments must be received no later than midnight (AZ time) extended until July 9, 2021.


Online Project Entry Submission Form


Award Categories

2020-2021 Program

Governor’s Award for Arizona’s Future

Creative initiatives that foster the economic vitality and long-term sustainability of Arizona’s future. Encompass projects, public policies and/or collaborative efforts that make Arizona a better place to live, work and play.


  • Facilitates collaboration and/or public/private partnerships toward innovative sustainability programs, projects or services
  • Addresses sustainability solutions for Arizona in areas such as land use and open space, water management, energy, transportation, air quality, healthy forest ecosystems and livable communities
  • Fosters sustainable planning, design and development

Healthy Communities

Projects, policies or plans that promote the health and wellness of communities in rural or urban areas and could include neighborhood revitalization, community redevelopment and cross-sector collaborations.


  • Demonstrates a commitment to environmental quality and/or creating a positive impact on health and wellness
  • Preserves, protects and enhances environmental resources
  • Advocates policies or plans that foster livable, sustainable communities and regional connectivity and/or healthy workplaces
  • Facilitates collaboration and/or public/private partnerships toward innovative sustainability programs, projects or services

Climate Action Solutions

Solutions-oriented actions to address climate risks in Arizona with a future-focused perspective that demonstrates measurable improvements in areas such as carbon reduction, heat island mitigation and water availability.


  • Facilitates collaboration and/or public/private partnerships toward innovative climate action solutions through programs, projects or services
  • Showcases an initiative that is a practical and replicable example of what can be done in other regions to address climate change.
  • Provides a quantifiable positive impact in addressing climate change

Art in Public Places

Creative works of art visually accessible to the general public that contribute to aesthetic appreciation, add to a sustainable-based culture and encourage sustainability (public or privately owned).


  • Contributes to aesthetic appreciation
  • Contributes to environmentally based culture
  • Preserves or enhances environmental quality
  • Integrates and is compatible with the natural and built environment

Buildings, Structures, and Landscape Design

Civic, commercial or institutional buildings, structures or landscapes that represent elements that preserve environmental quality, incorporate sustainability, integrate with the natural or built environment and create aesthetic appreciation.


  • Preservation or enhancement of environmental quality
  • Integration and compatibility with the natural environment
  • Integration and compatibility with the man-made environment
  • Conservation of natural resources and/or creation/preservation of habitat
  • Contribution to environmental awareness, education and cultural and aesthetic appreciation

Technology Innovation

Innovative products or processes that use technology to encourage sustainable outcomes and demonstrate an economic benefit to positively address environmental issues.


  • Utilizes new technologies or innovative applications of existing technologies
  • Conserves or protects natural resources
  • Reduces energy consumption and/or generates clean energy
  • Protects human health and the environment

Site Development

Contributions that enhance the urban environment within large-scale commercial, industrial and public work sectors and could include projects related to waste or water treatment facilities, roadways, bridges, canals and other types of infrastructure.


  • Preserves or enhances natural resources and the environment
  • Integrates with the natural environment
  • Integrates with the man-made environment
  • Contributes to environmental awareness, education, or cultural and aesthetic appreciation

Environmental Education and Communication

Achievements in education and/or communication that are designed for a wide audience and produce increased awareness, change in behavior or a deeper appreciation of sustainability initiatives.


  • Contributes to environmental education and awareness
  • Demonstrates a solid, impactful environmental program
  • Conserves natural resources
  • Includes the production of collateral materials; investigative or research-driven reports; written, digital and broadcast media; or campaigns on environmental topics

Natural Environment Preservation

Improvements to the natural environment through projects such as hiking trails, riparian areas, preserves, trailheads, parks and habitat restoration.


  • Preserves open spaces and critical elements of the environment and enhances quality of life and health.
  • Protects essential habitat needed for the continued existence of native plants and wildlife.

Circular Economy Solutions

Best practices and/or programs that reduce waste and improve productivity of resources, enabling a circular system that achieves positive environmental and economic results.


  • Implements practices that reduce energy consumption, water use or waste and contributes to enhanced environmental quality
  • Demonstrates methods for fostering customer awareness of/participation in environmentally friendly actions
  • Demonstrates that environmentally friendly actions can contribute positively to the bottom line

Our Presenting Sponsor

salt river project

SRP is a founding member of Arizona Forward and a presenting sponsor and partner in the awards program for the last 19 years. Paralleling nicely with the mission and vision of Arizona Forward, SRP has a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and is proud to support Arizona’s leading environmental and sustainability organization and this prestigious awards program.


Selection Criteria

  • An individual person, firm, agency, organization or business in the public or private sector conducting work in Arizona that positively impacts sustainability in areas of social, environment and the economic well-being of the state is eligible for this program.
  • Entries must represent a completed project. An exception is the Healthy Communities Award category in which adopted plans or policies are eligible.
  • Projects that have received a Crescordia Award or an Award of Merit in past years are ineligible. There are no timeframe limitations for project entries. Projects may be completed and implemented prior to this past year.
  • The same project may be entered in more than one category and may be eligible to win in more than one category. Separate fees are required for each category entry.
  • The judging panel may elect to shift an entry to a category that may be more appropriate for the project.
  • All projects will be reviewed based on the sustainability impact to communities, cities, regions or the entire state of Arizona and not on size of the organization or project budget.
  • Project entries will be reviewed using one or more of the criteria listed below.

Project entries will be reviewed using one or more of the criteria listed below.

  • Demonstrates a quantitative/measurable impact to social, environment and economic areas related to communities, cities, regions or the entire state of Arizona.
  • Demonstrates a qualitative impact to social, environment and economic areas related to communities, cities, regions or the entire state of Arizona.
  • Implements practices that reduce or eliminates the use of materials or natural resources that negatively impact the environment and promotes positive alternatives in areas such as energy, air quality and water conservation.
  • Contributes to the preservation and the balance between the natural and built environment.
  • Promotes a healthy society that contributes to quality of life and economic growth for Arizona.
  • Addresses sustainability solutions to create healthy ecosystems.
  • Contributes to the awareness of sustainability issues and inspires solutions and actions.
  • Establishes a model, practices or actions that can be used as a benchmark and replicated by other organizations in the state of Arizona.