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40th Annual Environmental Excellence Awards

Presented by SRP


Arizona Forward, in partnership with our presenting sponsor SRP, had planned for the

40th Annual Environmental Excellence Awards to be held as a unique virtual event this year. The awards program serves as a benchmark for sustainability accomplishments in Arizona, and is one of the highest award recognitions in the state.

Taking multiple factors into consideration, our executive leadership team in cooperation with SRP, made the difficult decision to postpone this year's awards gala until 2021. Projects received this year will be included in a combined 2020-2021 program. We are grateful to those who submitted a project this year, and look forward to recognizing you in 2021.

Please stay tuned for the 2021 Call for Entries project submission date in the coming months. Details for the awards program are below.



The Arizona Forward Environmental Excellence Awards, presented by SRP, is Arizona’s most prominent environmental awards program recognizing exemplary sustainability projects throughout the state. Initiated in 1980, the awards program is a benchmark for economic and environmental accomplishment. Award-winning projects are among the most distinguished and impactful achievements in Arizona.

All projects will be reviewed based on the sustainability impact to communities, cities, regions or the entire state of Arizona, and not on the size of the entity or the budget spent.

A panel of judges comprising prominent leaders and experts in the community will convene to select projects to receive the coveted Crescordia Award and Award of Distinction. All qualifying projects are featured during the awards event prior to a live announcement of award recipients. Award recipients receive statewide recognition through various print and digital promotions throughout the year, including media coverage.

View 2019 Project Submissions 


  • An individual person, firm, agency, organization or business in the public or private sector conducting work in Arizona that positively impacts sustainability in areas of social, environment and the economic well-being of the state is eligible for this program.
  • Entries must represent a completed project. An exception is the Healthy Communities Award category in which adopted plans or policies are eligible.
  • Projects that have received a Crescordia Award or an Award of Merit in past years are ineligible. There are no timeframe limitations for project entries. Projects may be completed and implemented prior to this past year.

  • The same project may be entered in more than one category and may be eligible to win in more than one category. Separate fees are required for each category entry.

  • The judging panel may elect to shift an entry to a category that may be more appropriate for the project.
  • All projects will be reviewed based on the sustainability impact to communities, cities, regions or the entire state of Arizona and not on size of the organization or the budget spent.


Governor’s Award for Arizona’s Future

Creative initiatives that foster the economic vitality and long-term sustainability of Arizona’s future. Encompasses projects, public policies and/or collaborative efforts that make Arizona a better place to live, work and play.

Climate Action Solutions

Solutions-oriented actions to address climate risks in Arizona with a future-focused perspective that demonstrates measurable improvements in areas such as carbon reduction, heat island mitigation and water availablility.

Buildings, Structures and Landscape Design

Civic, commercial or institutional buildings, structures or landscapes that represent elements that preserve environmental quality, incorporate sustainability, integrate with the natural or built environment, and create aesthetic appreciation.

Site Development

Contributions that enhance the urban environment within large-scale commercial, industrial and public work sectors and could include projects related to waste or water treatment facilities, roadways, bridges, canals and other types of infrastructure.

Natural Environment Preservation

Improvements to the natural environment through projects such as hiking trails, riparian areas, preserves, trailheads, parks and habitat restoration. 

Healthy Communities

Projects, policies or plans that promote the health and wellness of communites in rural or urban areas and could include neighborhood revitalization, community redevelopment and cross-sector collaborations.

Art in Public Places

Creative works of art visually accessible to the general public that contribute to aesthetic appreciation, add to a sustainable-based culture and encourage sustainability quality (public or privately owned).

Technology Innovation

Innovative products or processes that use technology to encourage sustainable outcomes and demonstrate an economic benefit to positively address environmental issues.

Environmental Education & Communication Achievements in education and/or communication that are designed for a wide audience and produce increased awareness, change in behavior or a deeper appreciation of sustainability initiatives and may include events, campaigns, publications or programs.

Circular Economy Solutions

Best practices and/or programs that reduce waste and improve productivity of resources, enabling a circular system that achieves positive environmental and economic results. 


Project entries will be reviewed using one or more of the criteria listed below.

  • Demonstrates a quantitative/measurable impact to social, environment and economic areas related to communities, cities, regions or the entire state of Arizona.
  • Demonstrates a qualitative impact to social, environment and economic areas related to communities, cities, regions or the entire state of Arizona.
  • Implements practices that reduce or eliminates the use of materials or natural resources that negatively impact the environment and promotes positive alternatives in areas such as energy, air quality and water conservation.
  • Contributes to the preservation and the balance between the natural and built environment
  • Promotes a healthy society that contributes to quality of life and economic growth for Arizona.
  • Demonstrates a practice of reduce, reuse and recycle

  • Addresses sustainability solutions to create healthy ecosystems 
  • Contributes to the awareness of sustainability issues and inspires solutions and actions
  • Establishes a model, practices or actions that can be used as a benchmark and replicated by other organizations in the state of Arizona


Arizona Forward is honored to have SRP as a founding member and a presenting partner of its awards program for the past 19 years. SRP has a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and is proud to support Arizona’s leading environmental and sustainablity organization. 

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