Arizona’s Forests: Why We Care

March 23, 2021

Covering nearly 21 million acres in Arizona, our forests are a vital resource that impact our state on many levels – as a natural treasure, environmental asset and economic driver. In 2021, our forests are at the brink of catastrophic wildfire. With creative solutions and collaboration between key stakeholders, we can create a sustainable path forward. One of Arizona’s legacies will be the effective stewardship of our forests for future generations.

In this informative webinar, learn why climate action is critical to the health of our forests. All Arizona Forward members and partners can be more informed and better understand the increasingly severe and catastrophic impacts of climate change on Arizona’s forests. Swift and bold action is needed. Hear from experts on efforts underway and how you can help today.

Opening Remarks

Congressman Tom O’Halleran, Keynote Speaker.
O’Halleran is a member of the House Committee on Agriculture and is an advocate for climate and environment.

Panel Discussion

Joanne Keene, Moderator
Keene is the deputy county manager for Coconino County. She has 25 years of experience in local, state and federal government. Keene recently served for five years as the Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff to Northern Arizona University.

Jeremy Kruger, Panelist
Kruger is the Chief Executive for Four Forest Restoration Initiative at U.S. Forest Services. Kruger has over 25 years of experience in natural resource management and forest fire management.

Bruce Hallin, Panelist
Hallin is the Director of Water Supply at SRP and has over 30 years of experience in the water and power industry. He advocates for re-establishing healthy forests to maintain and protect the health of the Valley’s water supply.

Amy Waltz, Panelist
Waltz is the Director of Science Delivery with the Ecological Restoration Institute at Northern Arizona University. Waltz works with land managers and diverse stakeholders to deliver peer-reviewed science relevant to ecological restoration.

Travis Woolley, Panelist
Woolley is a forest ecologist at The Nature Conservancy. Some of his research issues include wildlife habits, disease environment interactions, and post-fire tree mortality.

Presenting Sponsor

Coconino County


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