Bending the Curve on Climate Change: What Businesses Can Do Today

May 27, 2020

The focus on climate change during this pandemic is increasingly important. Over the past few months, changes in business practices and human behavior have brought positive impacts to the global environment – reversing damage, revealing cleaner air and emerged wildlife. At the same time, the pandemic is demonstrating the vulnerability of economies and human health.

With climate change projected to produce parallel economic and social impacts, what should we be doing now as we navigate through this pandemic? Important climate change policies and plans at federal levels are taking a back seat and/or are being eliminated, creating a greater risk for our state and our nation. This webinar will address how your business or organization can support climate action in Arizona during this difficult time. Hear from national and local experts on how we ensure climate change remains a priority as we look to the future.


  • Toby Short, Associate Vice President, Federal Affairs, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Bruno Narda, President, CDP North America and Professor of Practice, ASU School of Sustainability
  • Ann Becker, Vice President of Sustainability, Arizona Public Service


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