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08.30.13 Celebrating Environmental Excellence
 (Phoenix Business Journal)
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08.27.13 Sunrise Sunday
 (CBS Radio)
07.03.13 Global Links Outlook Luncheon
 (City of Phoenix - Channel 11)
09.14.12 Celebrating Environmental Excellence
 (Phoenix Business Journal)
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08.01.12 Work Hard, Play Hard
 (So Scottsdale! Magazine)
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06.10.12 VIEWPOINTS: Conspiracy Babble Can Set Advances Back
 (The Arizona Republic)
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05.11.12 Glendale Library Displays Winning Green Entries
 (The Arizona Republic - Glendale)
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02.15.12 Valley Forward Offers $5K To Support Environmental Education
(Town of Paradise Valley Independent)
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02.03.12 PV Students Team Up to Build Learning Lab
 (The Arizona Republic - Northeast Phoenix)
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02.01.12 Solar Gets Its Day in the Sun
 (InBusiness Magazine)
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11.01.11 Valley Forward: Improving the Environment and Livability of Valley Communities
 (AZ Business Magazine)
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10.21.11 City Hall Designed in Harmony with Environment
 (The Arizona Republic - Chandler)
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10.03.11 Renewing Aging Properties: Projects Reuse Resources to Help Develop Valley Areas While Easing Expansion
 (The Arizona Republic)
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10.01.11 Bright Ideas: 3 Projects in Tempe Basking in ‘Green’ Spotlight
 (The Arizona Republic - Tempe)
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10.01.11 Arizona Forward: Grassroots Group Stresses Economic Neccessity of Parks
 (Parks & Recreation Magazine)
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09.23.11 U.S. 60 Project Wins Big Prize for Environmental Excellence
 (Phoenix Business Journal)
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09.21.11 Environmental Projects Help Scottsdale Go Green
 (The Arizona Republic - Scottsdale)
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09.21.11 Southeast Valley Projects Benefit the Environment
 (The Arizona Republic - Chandler)
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09.15.11 Coalition Has Promising Start
 (The Arizona Republic - Editorial Page)
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Into the Mind of...Richard Picciotto
 (The Arizona Republic)
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09.09.11 Statewide Group Looking to Take 'Arizona Forward'
 (Phoenix Business Journal)
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09.05.11 State's Parks Find An Advocate
 (The Arizona Republic - Front Page)
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05.11.11 Video Segment on May Luncheon Focused on Nuclear Energy

05.02.11 New Arizona Forward Initiative Hopes to Balance Future Economic Development With Sustainability Concerns
 (Arizona Business Magazine)
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04.24.11 Diane Brossart Talling All About Valley Forward on the Sunday Sunrise Show
 (CBS Radio)

03.18.11 Enjoy Relatively Cool Days, Help Clean Nature Center
 (Phoenix Republic)
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12.03.10 National Geographic Photographer Joel Sartore
 (AZ Family – 3 TV)
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11.13.10 Saving a Species Could Very Well Mean Saving Ourselves
 (The Arizona Republic - Valley & State)
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11.01.10 Into the Wild: Life Through the Lens of Wildlife Photographer Joel Sartore
 (AZ Business Magazine)
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09.26.10 Legacy Builders: 5 Projects that Changed the Face of the Valley
 (The Arizona Republic - Valley & State)
09.17.10 Valley Forward's 30th Annual Environmental Excellence Awards 
(Phoenix Business Journal special section)
09.10.10 Valley Forward's Diane Brossart on The Go Green Radio Show 
(KXXT 1010 AM)
04.16.10 Valley Forward Preparing for its Annual Livability Summit 
(Phoenix Business Journal)
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02.06.10 Common Ground Emerges in Trust-Land Debate 
(The Arizona Republic)
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01.04.10 A Promising Way to Reconnect Kids and Nature
(The Arizona Republic)
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