The successful model for bringing business and civic leaders together to convene thoughtful public dialogue on quality of life issues and to improve the sustainability of local communities has been effective in and around Maricopa County for more than four decades. Valley Forward Association was formed in 1969 by a group of visionaries that anticipated explosive growth in the desert long before the megapolis was realized. Valley Forward was originally formed by a merger of the Phoenix Development Association, Mid-Town Improvement Association, Valley Beautiful Citizens Council and the Maricopa County Taxpayers Association. These groups joined forces to advocate for responsible land use decisions, transportation alternatives, air quality and water conservation.

Arizona Forward is the natural evolution of Valley Forward, uniting the strong values and durable mission of the balance between environmental quality and economic growth. The association officially transistion to a statewide sustainability agenda in 2013. The result is an even more relevant and influential organization working to unify Arizonans with a collective voice to perpetuate a positive message and image of our state.


1969-2013 MILESTONES