Questions like “Why isn’t Arizona the ‘Solar Capital’ of the World?” and “Why aren’t residential solar systems more affordable?” are answered in an energy primer published by Arizona Forward in 2011.

Energy is and will continue to be a hot topic around the world and in Arizona as the state’s economy shifts to renewable energy and green technologies. The goal of the energy guide is to help opinion leaders and the public better understand this highly complicated topic so that decision makers can make more informed choices about our energy future.

The comprehensive resource book and online publication provides objective, unbiased facts, background information and answers to frequently asked questions about alternative forms of energy. It includes a section on energy in Arizona and where it comes from, as well as content on renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal) and nuclear energy. Energy policies are also discussed and referenced provided.

Arizona’s present power production includes larger percentages of nuclear and natural gas generation than the U.S. as a whole, with most of the state’s energy coming from nonrenewable sources — oil, natural gas and coal.

The energy primer helps sort out the complexities about electricity and its generation, and also provides readers with a framework for understanding the scale, economics, environmental impacts and reliability of power generation.
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