• What’s the impact of transportation on Arizona’s economy and why should you care?

  • Are we headed for gridlock and who is responsible for transportation planning?

  • How much money is available for transportation projects and how are they prioritized?

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Transportation Primer Cover

These are some of the questions addressed in a transportation primer released by Arizona Forward, a business-based coalition established by the non-profit public interest organization Valley Forward. Its charge is to promote cooperative efforts to improve the livability, sustainability and economic vitality of Arizona’s cities and towns.

Arizona’s future economic development will be tied closely to its willingness to commit funding and resources to improving and expanding its transportation system. The goal of the primer is to help opinion leaders and the general public better understand this highly complicated topic so decision makers can make more informed choices about transportation.

Arizona Forward developed the primer on transportation to provide unbiased facts, background information and viable alternatives to consider as the state moves forward with transportation planning. Our hope is that it will serve as a catalyst for discussion to help find workable and affordable alternatives to meet our future transportation needs.